The Bay Brothers

Inter-connected spicy standalones about three brothers–two billionaires who have everything but love, and a priest questioning his vows.

From Chapter One of The Billionaire’s Baby:

“Good morning, Mr. Bay,” Reese, my executive assistant, greets me as I walk in the doors to Output LLC., the printer company I run with my youngest brother, Ayden. He’s the numbers guy and I’m the one who deals directly with our employees. The employees might think it should be the other way around. I know I come across as harsh sometimes, but I truly care for each one of them like they are family.

This entire business was built on family principles by my father fifty years ago. About a decade before I was born, he saw the need for a better typewriter and began developing prototypes. That business led to what Output is today—the leading printer company on the west coast.

The only family we’re missing is Declan. He’s our middle brother and, for some reason Ayden and I will never understand, he devoted himself to the church and became a priest right out of college. Despite being incredible at the job my father put in place for him, he decided a different Father required his use more. We’ve begged him to drop the act and come to Output with us, but he’s adamant it’s his calling.

He even took the vow of celibacy before ever being with a woman. I know, I can’t believe it either.

Ayden and I don’t necessarily agree it’s his calling. It feels a little forced and he never quite seems to fit in the walls of the church. But it’s his life so we stopped fighting him on it a long time ago.

Regardless of what his whole status is, I know I’ve found my calling. Sure, the perks of owning a billion-dollar company are amazing, but that’s not what I love most about it. Being the CEO of Output has given me a lot of opportunities to help the people I love, including giving jobs to people in unique situations. Like Cherry, my friend Don’s daughter.

Cherry couldn’t find a job that would accommodate her growing skill set while she was in college because she didn’t have enough experience. It’s crazy no one gave her a chance—that’s how we’ve found some of our best employees.

We were able to set up a remote job for her in our software development department and she’s been rocking it. Those other companies really missed out by passing on her.

Her dad, Don, and I go way back. We met when he moved to the area in middle school and have stayed in touch through the years. Like all of my friends, he has a beautiful family and a loving wife.

And I’m jealous as hell.

Two years ago, I turned 40 and the desire to start a family of my own has consumed every waking thought since I blew out my candles.

Despite being super happy for my friends, I’m finding myself growing increasingly crankier as they reach an age where grandchildren are a possibility and I’m all alone. I have a house that I built intending to fill with children; I have a job that can support whatever my wife wants in life; I have all the love in my heart needed to raise children.

I have everything. That is, everything I’ve ever wanted except someone to share it with.

And right now, I’m headed to lunch with Don and his wife, Irene, to meet Cherry in person and offer her a permanent position with Output now that she’s graduated and back home.

And I have to act all happy to be around a loving family and not like the seething jealous beast I have turned into.


I adjust the collar of my suit jacket and subtly double check my hair in the reflective restaurant window. Graying around the edges, but I think it makes me look distinguished. I’m not nervous about seeing Don and Irene, but I want to make a good impression on Cherry when I offer her the job. Output has a reputation for being the best, and I hold myself to even higher standards.

When I walk in, a blast of jazz music and the buzz of conversation hits my ears. It’s a new place that’s trying a little too hard, but Irene picked it out and Don seems to always go with whatever she wants.

The hostess guides me over to a quieter part of the restaurant and I see Don and Irene. Cherry must not be here yet. Don stands up, extends his hand and we clasp each other on the back as we greet one another.

I say a polite hello to Irene, and Don motions for me to sit across from him. He’s seated next to Irene, and that means Cherry will be next to me. A bit of an awkward position for the first time I meet someone, but I can work with it. Don and I will probably do most of the talking if Irene is anything like I remember her from high school. She always had a bit of a crush on me and would barely talk whenever we all hung out.

My thoughts are pulled to the entrance of the restaurant, like my body senses this new presence before my brain understands what is going on.

And I instantly see why. The woman who just walked in has one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. She has blonde hair, pulled up into a high ponytail that accentuates her bright eyes. She’s wearing a business jacket with a skirt and I’ve never seen anyone pull off that outfit so incredibly before. There’s one button on her jacket and it creates the perfect V to show off her full breasts. Her legs flow from the skirt as she walks purposefully and confidently around all the tables.

If Irene wasn’t here, I would probably make some dumb comment about how gorgeous this woman is. I check my pocket for a business card and contemplate contriving a scenario where I walk past her and give her the card so she has my number.

I’m not kidding when I say I’m ready to start a family, but I didn’t think I was creepily desperate—not until this woman makes eye contact with me, anyway. Once our eyes meet, however, I’m lost.

I imagine tossing her up on the table, eating her out until she’s screaming, then flipping her over and pressing my cock into her, filling her with myself until we forget food exists.

I’m thinking of how I can slip her my card without looking like a total douche in front of Don and Irene when the woman walks up to our table. Up close, she’s even more exquisite and my mouth goes dry. Probably because every ounce of my life force has traveled to my cock, which is now straining against my zipper.

Is this my chance? I run my finger along the card in my pocket and debate whether or not to pull it out.

But then Irene jumps up and wraps her arms around the woman. This is good, actually. I’ll find out who she is and get her number from Don. I can play it cool until the woman gets to her own table.

I take a sip of water to distract myself until she’s gone.


“Oh, no! Ronan! Are you okay?”

I’m choking on my water. First, because hearing this woman say daddy just about undid me. Second, because the first woman I’ve ever wanted with as much desire as I currently feel is Cherry.

My friend’s daughter.

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