Nixie Finn ARC Team

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in being part of my ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) Team!

The form to sign up: https://forms.gle/AjWeSQcmvZyQsGtcA

What to Expect

A couple of weeks before a book release, I’ll send out an email to everyone on my ARC team with the Story Origin link to the copy of the book.

Reviews are greatly appreciated within a week of the release date!

You always have the option on whether or not to opt into receiving an ARC. If I release one that’s not your jam, don’t feel obligated!

This ARC team is a way to offer my readers a way to read my stories before their release and a way to help the stories reach more people once they’re on Amazon.

There’s absolutely no obligation and I want this to be a symbiotic relationship where everyone feels safe, happy, and supported.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at nixiefinn@gmail.com 🙂

Here’s the application again: https://forms.gle/AjWeSQcmvZyQsGtcA

Upcoming Release Schedule

{These dates may change slightly}

5/1 – Irish Fling – Gallagher Brothers Book 1

5/16 – The Billionaire’s Baby – Bay Brothers Book 1

6/1 – Enemy of Mine – Gallagher Brothers Book 2

6/15 – An Angel for the Priest – Bay Brothers Book 2

7/1 – To Love again – Gallagher Brothers Book 3

7/15 – The Single Mom for the Billionaire – Bay Brothers Book 3

Late Summer 2023 – My Four Mountain Men Series

Fall 2023 – Coming Home for Christmas Series

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