My Four Mountain Men

Each installment of this four-part reverse harem delves into the dual perspectives of Dahlia and one of the guys, promising a journey free of infidelity or violence while serving up deliciously steamy scenes that will leave you breathless.

An excerpt from Apollo:

          “Take Blade with you to get the money out.” Dante’s voice crackles through the speaker.

          “I know, dad.” I roll my eyes and Dante barks out a laugh.

          “It’s for your own good. And all of ours.”

          I made one mistake back when we sold our first property and now I’m not allowed to make withdrawals by myself. When we got our first check, it was so big that the money seemed like it would never run out, so I purchased new outfits for all of us. And a car. And a foosball table.

          It was something that would’ve broken up weaker friend groups. But for us, it strengthened our bond. We pride ourselves on open communication and it’s gotten us really far. We’re a motley crew of men that don’t even seem like they’d be friends on the surface, but it works.

          It helps that we all have a central focus: Dahlia Sullivan.

          She broke our heart in high school without even meaning to. On her fifteenth birthday, she disappeared without a trace. All we had to go on was her aunt’s word that she was safe.

We had obviously reported her aunt to the authorities, but at the time we were young punks who no one took seriously. The police told us they interviewed her aunt, and that there was nothing afoul.

          Our motivation for making so much money stems from that helpless feeling. With money and the right connections, we know we can eventually find her.

It helps to have three other people to bolster my resolve. If I was doing this alone, I don’t know where I would be. So far, five years have gone by without a single trace of her, despite hiring the best private investigators.

          A couple years ago, Colt asked what was on all our minds, but the rest of us were too scared to ask—what if something happened to her?

          We agreed on the spot that our life was infinitely better striving to find her than it was giving up. We all hold on to the hope we’ll find her, and I know in my heart we will. If she wasn’t out there, I would feel it.

          So we work together every day, building an empire that will either help us find her or be a beacon she can follow to find us.

          “When you get back, let’s finalize the plans on the pool.” Blade rubs his hands together, a grin on his face.

          Dante’s sigh vibrates the phone. “Okay, but I don’t really care what you do with it.”

          “You’ll care when you go to use it and there’s a water slide and no hot tub,” Colt interjects.

          “Fine. Everyone knows their tasks for the week?”

          “Yes,” we say in unison.

          I look at the twins and grin. Most people love working with us, but there are people who hate how in sync we are with each other.

          I don’t hate it. Not a single bit.

          We’ve created a brotherhood and every day that passes is one day closer to finding our Dahlia.

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